What I Recommend

On this page I share what I use or what I recommend you should. I will be updating the recommendations from time to time.

Mobile service provider

Safaricom has the best internet connectivity. And a near-perfect coverage around the country.

Content Writing Solutions

I recommend Academizers.com custom writing solutions for anyone that need original, insightful, and actionable content. You can get your letters, emails, business plans, projects, web content, etc. written by the experts found here.

Where to buy domain names in Kenya?

A .co.ke domain is good for SEO when you intend to provide content specific to Kenya. With the extension, google and other search engines understand who your intended audience is and serves it appropriately in search results. You can buy one by following this link. On the other hand, if you will be serving a larger geographical area than Kenya, opt for a .com, .net, .org, or any international top level extension. You can buy yours here.

Or you can use Bluehost to buy a domain, such as .com, if you do not want a .co.ke. Click on the banner below to find yours. A .com domain cannot be closed ridiculously by the government when you publish controversial content.

Do you want people to easily subscribe to your blog?

Use follow it

Buy Visa Online

Ivisa is a leading provider of visa solutions to travelers.