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What to expect: investment & business ideas, saving tips and hacks, homes and mortgages planning, retirement planning, tax planning, travel resources, insurance resources, agricultural resources, the government of Kenya, and much more information to help you make money, save, invest, and enjoy life in Kenya.

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More on what you will learn on

  • How the economy works with simple plain English from an economist
  • How to budget
  • How to travel on a budget
  • How to save for an emergency fund
  • How to pay off student loans
  • How to increase your credit score
  • How to start a side hustle or small business
  • How to start your investing for retirement
  • How to save money as you travel (travel and money)
  • How to insure your assets, your health, and your life
  • How to stay fit on a budget (fitness and money)
  • How to file returns with KRA and avoid unnecessary penalties and fines

Starting a budget

Budgeting is a challenge for most people, but it shouldn’t be for you. Not anymore!

Saving money

Learning how to save money is a good way to achieving personal financial independence. These are some of the money-saving articles on my blog.

Investing and retirement

Investing and saving for retirement is a challenge for most young people. When you learn that it is never too early to start, it becomes fun. Start early!

Make money ideas

These articles are all about making extra money either with a side hustle or a new career.

Travel and money

Travel, leisure, and entertainment are related to money. Learn how to save on finances as you live life.

The economy and money

With a deteriorating economy, your assets may lose value over time. Your bank balance may not cover for the expenses you thought it would. Read some of these articles to find out.

HELB student loans paying off debt

I face challenges with paying off debts from mobile loans. It is a process that requires hard work and constant planning. HELB student loans impact most people in Kenya. Some do not pay it at all while others struggle with repayment.

Credit scores (CRB rating)

Your credit score is one of the most important numbers to know. Read these articles and learn how it impacts your life.


There’s more, what are the investment opportunities in agriculture?

Agriculture accounts for more than 70% of the Kenyan workforce and more than 1/4 of the GDP.

Here are some of my favorite articles on the blog!