How to Save for Your Health Insurance with NHIF

NHIF in full is the National Hospital Insurance Fund whose mission is to contribute towards universal health coverage by provision of affordable, accessible, sustainable and quality health insurance through strategic resource pooling and healthcare purchasing in collaboration with stakeholders. NHIF is an insurance cover by the government that allows all cadres of people to contribute … Read more

Private Colleges in Kenya

The following is a list of all the 69 private colleges in Kenya. 1 African Institute of Research and Development Studies (AIRADS) 2 Air Travel and Related Studies Centre (ATRSC) 3 Alphax College (AC) Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology (AIHT) Australian Studies Institute (AUSI) College Century Park College … Read more

20 of The Best Colleges Registered in Kenya

This is a list of the best colleges in Kenya considering data from the past 10 years. Considerations have made to factor in the marketability of their courses and reputation among employers. Kenya Medical Training College Kenya Utalii College Kenya Institute of Mass Communication Kenya Institute of Management East Africa School of Management Nairobi Institute … Read more

Accredited Higher Learning Institutions in Kenya & Year of Establishment & Charter

There are 31 accredited public universities, 7 public constituent colleges, 20 private charted universities, 3 private constituent colleges, and 13 universities with Letters of the interim authority. The list below will show which university was established when and which of them has been charted. 1. Public chartered universities Public Chartered Universities Year Established/ Accredited  1. … Read more

How to Start a Retail Shop in Kenya

Retail business has employed thousands of people in Kenya. A retail shop is where a shopkeeper sells household items like sugar, flour, bar soap, cooking oil, snacks among others to the residents of that area. Introduction Whether rural or urban areas, it’s safe to start a retail shop. In as much as there is competition, … Read more

How to Start a Tent Rental Business in Kenya

Tent rental business is a venture involving buying tents and chairs then leasing them out to people holding events. The events may be weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, funerals, engagements, family gatherings or retirement parties. Introduction With an increase in events being held, there is a heightened demand for tents and chairs. That alone makes … Read more